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From: Bryan Johnston

Saturday 10 Dec 2005 at 23:18

I think this website is Excellent

What an absolutely brilliant website you have.  Porridge takes me back to my school days, I always watched it when it was on.  I have been recently watching both Rising Damp and Porridge on DVD, brilliant comedies in their own right.  Richard Beckinsale was a brilliant actor, it's sad that he died way to early in life, it somehow seems so unfair.  My fave episode of Porridge is Just Desserts, the tinned pineapple episode!!  The acting in that episode from Ronnie Barker, Richard Beckinsale and Fulton Mackay is just superb and I'd recommend anyone that hasn't seen that episode to try and see it.  Porridge is on BBC2 Christmas eve, the episode is desperate hours... a Christmas Special I believe.  Keep up this site...many thanks.

From: David Baber

Thursday 08 Dec 2005 at 00:49

I think this website is Excellent

I always loved porridge to watch and was delighted when my grandfather the late Maurice Gillett was gaffer for the film.  When I visited his house I can say that I walked up his stairs with the wrought iron stair side from the film set for porridge, these are still around (with a few spares).  He acquired them when they were being dumped in the skip after shooting.  So may be the only remaining parts of the Porridge set.  Keep up the great work with the site.

From: Bara Croft

Monday 05 Dec 2005 at 09:22

I think this website is Excellent

Ronnie Barker was one of the best comedians I have ever seen or heard, he was also dignified, setting a good example to all.

From: Peter Johnson

Saturday 03 Dec 2005 at 18:57

I think this website is Excellent

I had seen many Ronnie Barker shows with my Mum and Dad as a Child, but had not seen many in recent years. I recently watched all the Open All Hours eposides again and loved them all.  It amazes me that it's still so funny, yet over 20 years old, and to think nothing comes close to these older British comedy shows. Sadly, only 1 week after watching these I read of Ronnie Barkers unfortunate death.  At this time, I also read more into him and the more I read the more I realised he was a truly admirable person. Since then, I have just watched all the Porridge episodes, and tommorow will make a start on Going Straight. This breed of Comedy is up there with the likes of my other favorites, Fawlty Towers and Black Adder. Ronnie Barker seemed like he would be great on and off stage, and I also love the way his comedy could appeal to those from 6 to 86. Most importantly, I will remember Ronnie for the rest of my life, and no doubt cycle through watching his DVDs in rotations for the remainder of my own life. Rest In Peace Ronnie

From: Mark

Monday 28 Nov 2005 at 15:57

I think this website is Excellent

Very sorry to hear about John Dair passing away.  It's been a very sad time for Porridge fans lately.

From: UMTV

Monday 21 Nov 2005 at 15:29

I think this website is Excellent

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From: Craig

Thursday 17 Nov 2005 at 20:37

I think this website is Excellent

I have a question needs settling: was there a joke in one episode of Porridge where someone said "I read a book was blue."? Please help. Thanks. Note from Porridge webmaster: This was a line from Brian Glover's character Heslop.  He actually said "I read a book once.... green it was".

From: Chris Evans

Sunday 13 Nov 2005 at 01:14

I think this website is Excellent

Just happen to go to my old home town's newspaper site and saw that Ronnie had passed away.  I don't get a lot of UK news here in the states, and I'm nearly a month late in hearing the news.  Sadly missed :(

From: Robert Fairbanks

Tuesday 08 Nov 2005 at 17:45

I think this website is Excellent

I was very sorry to hear of the death of Ronnie Barker.  He was a comedy genius.  All three of his sitcoms - Porridge, Open All Hours and Clarence were priceless.  Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett should be Knighted. Please consider signing the following petition below:

From: Adrian

Thursday 03 Nov 2005 at 02:09

I think this website is Excellent

I loved Ronnie Barker in all the things he did he was a brilliant comedian/actor.  I'm watching the episode in Porridge were Fletch goes to the pub when there working outside digging, it's hilarious still after watching it a thousand times.  As is all Ronnie's stuff.  He will live on in his work but we will all miss this great man.

From: Zoe

Monday 31 Oct 2005 at 17:03

I think this website is Excellent

I think your website's really good, finally got some pictures!  My favourite's Warren.  Think he's brill.

From: Guy Watson

Tuesday 25 Oct 2005 at 12:26

I think this website is Excellent

Excellent site - brought back lots of memories of watching the series with my Grandad - my favorite episode is the one with David Jason and the treasure map :)

From: Sarah Dart

Friday 21 Oct 2005 at 15:58

I think this website is Excellent

I am only a teenager but I feel that we have lost one of the best people we have - Ronnie Barker.  I actually cried when my friend had told me he had died.  I still can't believe it.  My thoughts are with his family and friends.

From: Tali

Thursday 20 Oct 2005 at 21:06

I think this website is Excellent

Ronnie Barker - RIP - I can only repeat others' sentiments, he should have received a knighthood

From: Jason (Colchester, Essex)

Thursday 13 Oct 2005 at 21:37

I think this website is Excellent

I shared my love of Ronnie Barker's work (especially porridge) with my late grandfather!  Ronnie B is a true legend!  His ability to make people laugh was well known, but I think his skills as a fabulous actor were less credited someone like him will always live on.  R.I.P Ronnie B

From: David Hughes

Wednesday 12 Oct 2005 at 20:36

I think this website is Excellent

I am a very young fan of Ronnie Barker especially, and he will always be the King Of Comedy in all our hearts. Rest In Peace Ronnie Barker.... P.S I love this Porridge site Visit my site for comedies etc (comming soon)

From: Dan

Wednesday 12 Oct 2005 at 17:05

I think this website is Excellent

Thanks for the years of laughs Ronnie you will be missed in every corner of the globe may you rest in peace.

From: Marky

Wednesday 12 Oct 2005 at 15:53

I think this website is Excellent

Love the site, I have been testing Google and uploaded the Missing Pineapple chunks ep, (URI deleted).  Does this work ok, strange how they allow it - but could be useful to anyone wanting to stream video for free.

From: Henry ter Tanje

Wednesday 12 Oct 2005 at 14:19

I think this website is Excellent

The dutch television broadcasted a lot of shows from the BBC.  Like Rising Damp, Dad's Army, George & Mildred, The Two Ronnies, Fools and Horses and of course Porridge.  I really became adicted to British sitcom and I still am.  Ronnie Barker will never die cause he and his fellow comedians left us with a magnificent inheritance wich gives a lot of laughter even after thirty years.  This site is the evidence.

From: Bill

Tuesday 11 Oct 2005 at 20:45

I think this website is Excellent

The World has lost its greatest comedy actor bar none.  There will never be another like Ronnie.  Thank you for the wonderful humour and joy that you gave us. R.I.P.

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