About Porridge

It all started on Sunday 1 April 1973. There was a series of programmes to showcase the talent of Ronnie Barker entitled Seven of One. One of these episodes concerned a prisoner being transferred to his new home, Slade Prison in Cumbria. This episode inspired the series that became Porridge which was to start life on our screens on 5 September 1974. Three series ensued as well as two Christmas specials and a great movie.

Porridge Location

Another reason Porridge was so dear to me is that it was set in Cumbria (back then known as Cumberland). I lived in Cumberland in the 1970's and it was great to see a programme that was set so close to home. Sadly, they got the accents oh so wrong. But I was a pedantic little so and so even back then!

Why I Created This Website

My name is Ian and I am a web designer based in Nottingham. I started this website back in April 2000 as a way of practising my HTML skills and to show off my work. I chose Porridge because it was one of my favourite comedies of all time and also because due to its prison setting, remains virtually timeless to this day.

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