New Pilot (Originally Transmitted 28 August 2016)

Nigel Norman Fletcher, the grandson of Norman Stanley Fletcher has also been sent to prison for five years. This new attempt to bring new episodes of Porridge has many happy coincidences to keep faithful to the original series. Fletch has very similar personality traits to his grandfather. He is much more intelligent than the majority of his inmate colleagues and has a mischievous streak.

He contends with a Barrowclough type prison officer (Braithwaite) and Mackay's equivalent is, would you believe, Meekie!

It's by no means a classic like the original series but I must admit, this could have been much worse. There are quite a few original laughs along with a few nods to the old series.

The New Introduction Monologue:

Nigel Norman Fletcher, you have been found guilty of the charges brought against you, and it is now my duty to pass sentence. Cybercrime is a modern menace, and a man of your obvious ingenuity and intelligence might have used his gifts on behalf of society. Instead, you chose to employ them in a pursuit of self-indulgence, greed and gain. You will now face the consequences and go to prison for five years.

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