Other Cast Members

Michael Barrington

Born 19 April 1925

Died 5 June 1988

AKA Governor Geoffrey Venables


Sam Kelly

Born 19 December 1943

Died 15 June 2014

AKA "Bunny" Warren

Sam Kelly always seemed to be a supporting actor which belies his tremendous comic talent. He was brilliant in the over-stretched sitcom Allo Allo playing the German Captain and was also superb as Sam the driver in the Dennis Waterman sitcom On The Up.


Peter Vaughan

Born 4 April 1923

Died 6 December 2015

AKA "Genial" Harry Grout

Peter Vaughan is one of Britain's finest actors. For me his most memorable role was in Our Friends From the North. A tribute to his acting genius is that he only ever appeared in 3 episodes of Porridge (not counting the film) but nevertheless, Harry Grout remains the character most people remember apart from the main four.


Christopher Biggins

Born 16 December 1948

AKA "Lukewarm" Lewis

Christopher Biggins is a prolific supporting actor appearing in many British TV programmes. He was also a co-presenter with Cilla Black on Surprise Surprise.


David Jason

Born 2 February 1940

AKA "Blanco" Webb

David Jason is arguably Britain's best loved actor and is also a close friend of Ronnie Barker. David was only in his mid-thirties when he played the character of 63 year old Blanco. He is best known for his legendary comic role Del Boy in BBC TV's Only Fools and Horses.


Ronald Lacey

Born 28 September 1935

Died 15 May 1991

AKA Harris

Ronald Lacey played the unpleasant Harris in Porridge. He was also in the pilot episode of Randall and Hopkirk and played alongside Honor Blackman in Minder on the Orient Express.


Maurice Denham

Born 23 December 1909

Died 24 July 2002

AKA The Honourable Mr Justice Stephen Rawley

Most famous for his prolific acting in early Black and White British films, Maurice Denham was an actor with a unique talent. For me, his most memorable role was as the Prison Governer in Two Way Stretch in which he starred with Peter Sellers.


Ken Jones

Born 20 February 1930

Died 14 February 2014

AKA "Horrible" Ives


Brian Glover

Born 2 April 1934

Died 24 July 1997

AKA Cyril Heslop born 1 April 1933

Starting out as a wrestler, Brian Glover progressed into acting and certainly made his mark. He was most famous for his voice-overs for the Tetley Tea and Allinson (bread with nowt taken out) adverts and as the chess player in American Werewolf in London.


June Ellis

AKA Isobel Fletcher (Fletch's wife)

June Ellis is probably best known for appearing in one of the finest episodes of Fawlty Towers, The Waldorf Salad.


Tony Osoba

AKA "Sonny Jock" McLaren

Tony Osoba has appeared in many of the most popular dramas and comedies in Britain including such classics as Minder and Coronation Street.


Ray Dunbobbin

AKA Evans

Ray Dunbobbin is probably best known for portraying Ralph in the soap, Brookside.


John Rudling

AKA Mr Birchwood

John Rudling played Brabinger the butler in another of my favourite sitcoms, To The Manor Born.


Peter Jeffrey

Born 18 April 1929

Died 25 December 1999

AKA Senior Prison Officer "Napper" Wainright


Philip Madoc

Born 5 July 1934

Died 5 March 2012

AKA Williams

Philp Madoc is probably best known for his role as a German Submarine Commander in the Dad's Army episode "The Deadly Attachment".


Madge Hindle

Born 19 May 1938

AKA Mrs Hesketh

Probably best known for her role as Renee Bradshaw in Coronation Street.


Jane Wenham

AKA Dorothy Jameson

Jane Wenham was probably most famous for her role as the enigmatic Eva in An Inspector Calls.


Graham Crowden

Born 30 November 1922

Died 21 October 2010

AKA Doctor

Graham Crowden later became more famous for his role as Tom in the sitcom Waiting for God. I also think he was given the funniest ever line in Porridge. Click on a Doctor's Bedside Manner on the sounds page. to find out more.


Carol Hawkins

Born 31 January 1949

AKA Sandra

Carol Hawkins was most famous for playing Sharon in Please Sir. Carol also appeared a couple of Carry On movies.


Michael Redfern

Born 30 March 1943

Played Tulip in the Desperate Hours episode but is probably best known for his role as the father in the Oxo adverts.


Geoffrey Bayldon

Born 7 January 1924

Died 10 May 2017

AKA Governer Tredaway (film)

Only appearing in the movie version of Porridge, Bayldon was most famous for playing the title role in the children's TV series, Catweazle.


Gorden Kaye

Born 7 April 1941

Died 23 January 2017

AKA Bus Driver

Gorden kaye played the bus driver in the Porridge movie and went on to become Rénée in Allo Allo.


Patricia Brake

Born 25 June 1942

Died 28 May 2022

AKA Ingrid Rita Fletcher (Fletch's daughter)

Gorgeous Patricia Brake played Fletch's daughter in a few episodes of Porridge and in all episodes of Going Straight. Her next most famous role was in the ill-fated soap, Eldorado. Patricia passed away after a long battle with cancer on 28 May 2022


Nicholas Lyndhurst

Born 21 April 1961

AKA Raymond Fletcher (Fletch's son)

One of the most talented comedy actors in the UK today, Nicholas Lyndhurst was showing an early ability as Fletch's son in Going Straight. He went on to star in many other classic comedies such as Butterflies, Only Fools and Horses and Goodnight Sweetheart.


Karl Howman

Born 13 December 1952

AKA "Light Fingered" Larry Urquhart

Karl Howman played Urquhart in the Porridge movie and is best known for his role as Jacko in the comedy Brush Strokes.


Paul Barber

AKA Morgan

Paul Barber was credited in the film as Morgan but didn't have any lines. He can be seen in various scenes. He is most famous for playing Denzil in Only Fools and Horses and Horse in The Full Monty.


Duncan Preston

AKA The Weather Man

Duncan Preston has appeared in various British comedies and is best known as Kevin the Teenager's father in the Harry Enfield shows and more recently as Stan in Victoria Wood's wonderful sitcom, Dinnerladies.


John Bennett

Born 8 May 1928

Died 11 April 2005

AKA Medical Officer

John Bennett has been a recognisable character actor on British television for over forty years, with many credits including The Avengers, Doctor Who, I Claudius, Blake's 7, Survivors, The Professionals, Boon, Bergerac, Danger Man, Dixon Of Dock Green.  A few of many film appearances include The Fifth Element, Minority Report and Watership Down.

By Phillip Madeley


Cyril Shaps

Born 13 October 1923

Died 1 January 2003

AKA Jackdaw

Cyril Shaps was a regular supporting actor on various television and film productions, including four episodes of Doctor Who, Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased), Department S, Jason King, Danger Man, The Sweeney, Some Mothers Do 'Ave Em, Z Cars, The Young Ones and Lovejoy.

By Phillip Madeley


David Daker

Born 29 September 1935

AKA Jarvis

David Daker has appeared in various television shows including Z Cars, Rising Damp, Only Fools and Horses, Sorry!, Doctor Who, Casualty, All Creatures Great And Small and more recently Doctors, Heartbeat, The Bill, The Last Detective and Where The Heart Is.

By Phillip Madeley


Paul Angelis

AKA Navy Rum

Most famous for playing Ringo in the Beatles film Yellow Submarine (1968), Paul Angelis has also appeared as a regular in Z Cars, with guest roles including The Sweeney, The Bill, The Vice, Robin's Nest, Callan, Boon and The Grimleys.

By Phillip Madeley


Philip Jackson

Born 18 June 1948

AKA Dylan

Porridge being one of Philip Jackson's earliest roles, he has gone on to star in such television shows as Coronation Street, The Last Of The Summer Wine, A Touch Of Frost, Heartbeat, Silent Witness, Poirot, Grass and Little Britain.  Film credits include Little Voice, Mike Bassett: England Manager and Brassed Off.

By Phillip Madeley


Robert Gillespie

Born 9 November 1933

AKA The Vicar

Credits include Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads?, Survivors, Secret Army, Rising Damp and Only When I Laugh.

By Phillip Madeley


John Rutland

AKA The Verger

Television appearances include One Foot In The Grave, Eastenders, Hi-De-Hi!, 'Allo 'Allo! and The Bill.

By Phillip Madeley


Dudley Sutton

Born 6 April 1933

Died 15 September 2018

AKA Reg Urwin "with a U"

Recognisable face on British television, Dudley Sutton has most recently appeared as Wilfred Atkins in BBC soap Eastenders, but is perhaps best known as Tinker in Lovejoy.  Various television appearances include Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased), Emmerdale Farm, Tales Of The Unexpected, Casualty, Victoria And Albert and David Copperfield.

By Phillip Madeley

Johnny Wade Scrounger

Arnold Peters Chief Officer Barratt

Ralph Watson Frank the Barman

Peggy Mason District Nurse

Royston Tickner Policeman

Emlyn Price Tolly

Susan Littler Norma (Tolly's Wife)

Andonia Katsaros Iris Heslop

Rosalind Elliot Elaine Warren

Eric Dodson Banyard (TV series)

Graham Ashley Mr Appleton

Felix Bowness Gay Gordon

Maggie Flint Mrs Godber

Ivor Roberts Home Office Inspector

Barbara New Home Office Inspector

Geoffrey Greenhill Home Office Inspector

Tony Aitken Prison Chaplain

Colin Farrell Norris

Terence Soall Medical Officer

Roy Sampson PT Instructor

John Moore Grouty's Lacky

Alun Armstrong "Spraggs" Spraggon

Elizabeth Day Nurse

Ken Wynne Keegan

Julian Holloway Mr Bainbridge

Christopher Godwin Beale

Paul McDowell Prison Officer Collinson

Barrie Rutter Oakes

Daniel Peacock Rudge

Philip Locke Banyard (Film)

Oliver Smith McMillan

Andrew Dunford Armstrong

Steven Steen Wellings

Ivan Steward Simkin

Derek James Small

Rod Culbertson Callaghan

Zoot Money Lotterby

Derek Deadman Cooper

Robert Putt Atkinson

Allan Warren Whalley

Stewart Harwood Whittaker

John Barratt Hedley

Paul Barber Morgan

Sebastian Abineri Hayward

Barry James Delilah

Jackie Pallo Jr Jacko

Robert Lee Tinkler

Robert Hamilton Cox

Charles Pemberton Miller

Colin Rix Lassiter

Michael O'Hagan Medical Officer (Film)

Paul Luty Chalky

Bunny May Alf

Elizabeth Knight Sheila

Nicholas McArdle PC Townsend

Jean Campbell Dallas Old Lady

Bill Kerry Old Man

Dick Clement Writer

Ian La Frenais Writer

Sydney Lotterby Producer

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