Fulton Mackay

Fulton Mackay was born on 12 August 1922 in Paisley, Scotland. Fulton became an actor following the war and can be seen in many old British movies and had guest roles in many famous British television shows. His best known role, of course, was as his namesake, Senior Prison Officer Mackay.

His break into the nation's consciousness however, might have been very different. He was seriously considered for the role of the fourth Doctor Who after Jon Pertwee's departure. The role eventually taken by Tom Baker. My, how things would have turned out differently then!

Each time I write about a character in Porridge I am always tempted to say how important they were to the series. Such a tribute applies especially to the character of Mackay. The relationship between he and Fletcher is an irresistible contradiction of mutual contempt and respect.

It is well documented that Fulton could be quite irritating to the other cast members as he was such a perfectionist. He was constantly wanting to try scenes again and again. It has to be said, however, that this fine attention to detail paid dividends, as his performances were always flawless.

He also starred as a randy Vicar in another Clement and La Frenais production, Water. Water was a movie that enjoyed limited success but with the classic Clement and La Frenais humour I can thoroughly recommend it.

Fulton Mackay died on 6 June 1987.

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