The Porridge Open Source ProjectPorridge Open Source Project

I have been thinking of ways to expand this website.  There is so much missing.  There are still many biographies to write and there are many articles to expand.

So my new idea is to make this Porridge site Open Source.  I will still be the editor and will reserve the right to refuse to publish something or to amend anything submitted (I will only published amended articles with your permission of course).

If I do publish something you send to me I will ensure you get a full credit and even add your photo should you wish!

I am open to any ideas you may have.  New articles are the most obvious things I am looking for (especially biographies).  But I am also interested in anything you may wish to contribute.

If you would like to contribute then please email me at

Porridge and Going Straight copyright belongs to the BBC and others. No copyright infringement is intended. Besides, if you think about it I am promoting your product for you. Any problems with copyright then please email me.

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