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I get many enquiries from fans asking about the availability of Porridge and Going Straight on DVD and Video.  I will keep you up to date in my news pages of any developments.  I am not selling them here.  The Porridge site is not a money making exercise.  You all have your own favourite suppliers of DVD and Video and I will leave you all to your own choice.


The full series of Porridge is available on PAL VHS.  It comes in a boxed set that claims to be the entire series.  Sadly it is missing the pilot episode, "Prisoner and Escort".  This is a very important and silly ommission by the BBC.  It was available on a video released in the mid-1990s.  It regularly appears for sale on Ebay so I recommend you go there if you want this episode on VHS.

There is also a VHS copy of the Porridge Movie available.

Every episode of Porridge as well as the movie is available on Region 2 DVD.  The pilot episode "Prisoner and Escort" appears bizarrely as an extra on the Series 2 DVD.  The Christmas specials were released on 4 October 2004.

Going Straight

Going Straight was released on DVD on 4 October 2004.  It has never been available on VHS and I am not aware of any plans for this.

Porridge and Going Straight copyright belongs to the BBC and others. No copyright infringement is intended. Besides, if you think about it I am promoting your product for you. Any problems with copyright then please email me. ian@porridge.org.uk.

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