Porridge Video and Audio ClipsClips

Video Clips

Here are some video clips for your enjoyment.  They are all available in Windows Media format and Real Player format.

Where's my bike?  Real Player - 121KB or Windows Media - 183KB

David Jason as Blanco Webb  Real Player - 159KB or Windows Media - 184KB

Two choc ices please!  Real Player - 57KB or Windows Media - 70KB

Couple of escaped convicts  Real Player - 151KB or Windows Media - 195KB

Single or double?  Real Player - 117KB or Windows Media - 146KB

What - from here?  Real Player - 41KB or Windows Media - 68KB

Agile Fletch  Real Player - 145KB or Windows Media - 166KB

Nil desperandum!  Real Player - 152KB or Windows Media - 197KB

Are you sure it's a toy?  Real Player - 74KB or Windows Media - 91KB

You're gonna die Ives!  Real Player - 181KB or Windows Media - 216KB

Pick that up Ives!  Real Player - 86KB or Windows Media - 105KB

What's the hurry?  Real Player - 53KB or Windows Media - 68KB

I've been mugged!  Real Player - 451KB or Windows Media - 556KB

That is a plant!  Real Player - 48KB or Windows Media - 62KB

Fletch enjoys a pint  Real Player - 313KB or Windows Media - 387KB

Quite snug in here!  Real Player - 72KB or Windows Media - 97KB

Audio Clips

Here are some audio clips from Porridge for your enjoyment.  They are all in MP3 format.

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Hear Fletcher addressing the court (MP3 30KB)

Hear Fletcher telling the story of Governer Bailey (MP3 401KB)

Hear Blanco telling Fletch about the Barratt brothers (MP3 83KB)

Hear Fletcher singing "I Believe" (MP3 28KB)

Hear Fletcher singing "Born Free" (MP3 45KB)

Hear Fletcher telling the boxer story (MP3 145KB)

We shall be lucky to get Basil Brush! (MP3 94KB)

A Wooded Glade (MP3 43KB)

Hear Fletch telling Blanco a joke (MP3 110KB)

Large one? (MP3 47KB)

End credits of Porridge (MP3 147KB)

Mackay's philiosphy! (MP3 38KB)

The best thing in life is being free! (MP3 124KB)

"Free Inside" by Joe Brown. The theme tune to the Porridge movie (MP3 735KB)

The original theme tune to Going Straight (MP3 188KB)

The full version of the Going Straight theme tune (MP3 1204KB)

You can see a full transcript of the Going Straight lyrics here.

More to life than a quick quid (MP3 102KB)

The prison Doctor's bedside manner (MP3 137KB)

You're in the where? (MP3 43KB)

Fletch singing John Peel (MP3 67KB)

Well make sure it never happens again! (MP3 174KB)

Fletch turns on the charm (MP3 65KB)

Napper Wainwright (MP3 43KB)

Delicious pineapples (MP3 53KB)

You're gonna die Ives! (MP3 57KB)

Any point? (MP3 36KB)

Do a job together? (MP3 73KB)

A bit risque (MP3 36KB)

Fletch sings Scotland the Brave (MP3 61KB)

Mr Barrowclough stoned? (MP3 67KB)

Prison issue tissue (MP3 174KB)

The opening titles to Porridge (MP3 116KB)

What became of the soil? (MP3 49KB)

The Wombles of Wimbledon Common (MP3 51KB)

Christmas sentiment (MP3 69KB)

Cobblers! (MP3 87KB)

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